Who Are We

whoareweIt is our immense pleasure to inform you that UNHRA (Universal Human Rights Association), it is linked to different Social organisation of national and international repute and UNHRA is registered under Trust act. Our Main motive and mission are to spread the message of equality as well as equity, uniformity and fraternity among the diversified society of India and the World. We are also committed to work for the protection and awareness of human Rights, guard the social justice and spread the message of peace and non-violent Co-existence among the mass to bring about the sense of Unity among the people specially the youth ,by breaching the barriers of caste, Colour, religion, state, nation and culture and support the work  specific Government Commissions  like those of women, S.C., S.T., Youth Rights and Child rights to make people aware of their duties with respect to Human rights  to uphold and foster of Universal Declaration of Human rights of United Nations.