Our Team

The team comprises of a Working Committee and various other committees with lesser coverage and magnitude besides the offices of The Central President and The Secretary. The Working Committees and subordinate committees execute the planned organisational strategies devised in the Presidential and Secretarial level.

The following are the functions of the Working Committee :

  • Develop branches and sub-branches after consultation with Central President.
  • Raise funds for the organisation through members’ subscriptions and various donations.
  • Always lookout for legal means for implementation of Human Rights.
  • All the members should consider the subscription from area membership and give its report to the Central President.
  • The Working Committee shall be solely responsible for the management of seminars, conferences, meetings, discussions and debates after which they will submit a detailed report on the matters of Human Rights to the Central President.

Members Rules/cancellation rules

  • Resignation by submission of a specific letter for the purpose.
  • Become a mad or death automatically membership deleted
  • A member can be removed on the following grounds :-
  • Passing of No Confidence Motion by the Association.
  • Non-payment of membership fees for 2 years
  • If a member is found to be punishable under Indian panel code or international laws
  • A regional committee should give information about the members in particular their attendance in day to day activities as well as in its meetings.
  • On illegal use of this card, membership will be withdrawn with immediate effects and no need to issue cancellation letter to members
  • Membership only for the protection of Human Rights

Member Duties

  • To make the regional or central committee aware of the problems and corruption found anywhere by submitting a report for the same and to organise programmes after reviewing these issues focusing on unity, integrity and harmony of the society.
  •  to spread awareness about Human Rights.