About Association

about-usUNHRA is a prestigious Human Rights ASSOCIATION which has completed — years in the protection & preservation of Human Rights after its registration in —-. We are committed to the cause of fostering and promotion of Human Rights, Justice, end of Economic exploitation, National and International Cooperation and Peaceful Co-existence by interaction and sharing of opinions with all countries of the world besides encouraging such exchange of ideas in India.

The Universal Human Rights Association (UNHRA) has conducted a number of Seminars, Summits, Conferences and several other activities have been undertaken to educate & spread awareness of rights & duties among people. A number of prestigious projects for future are lined up for execution.

UNHRA is a non political ASSOCIATION with firm belief in secularism and it is operational only with the support of its members. UNHRA has the Recognition today due to the efforts and association of Intellectuals, Philanthropist, luminaries in various fields of education and social work who have stood by and helped us very generously in our efforts to make people aware and conscious of not only Human Rights but other social causes too.

We need not mention that Human Rights cannot be aspired to be upheld in isolation of critical aspects of social relations and political power structures. We aim to create an environment and perspective of Human Rights as something to be treasured and safeguarded against the vicious nature of power of authorities that be and to spread awareness about the interplay of Human Rights and these power structures in shaping an individual’s life in all its spheres. This relationship between Human Rights and democracy, peace, development and international relations is a crucial element for implementing those rights.

Globalization is the accepted phenomenon now-a-days but we believe it has resulted in infringement of human rights of the poor and destitute. Numerous working class people are being rendered jobless without any provision for alternate avenues of their livelihood. Inclination towards crime or terrorism is the inevitable outcome in this situation. Globalization has not been brought about with due attention to mass upliftment of poor population. So Globalization is the biggest challenge for the society and also for our Human Rights Organisation as it is taking away these rights.